Samar Kattan

SAMAR KATTAN (ingilizce ve arapça koordinatör)

“Whether you are an English language speaker or Arabic,Mrs Samar Kattan is here to establish a line of communication and trust between you,your IVF Specialist Dr Murude Çakartaş Dağdelen and the adminstration to ensure that you have a smooth IVF treatment journey from the beginning to the end, that you receive the care that you need and deserve,understand your medications and that you follow the instructions as prescribed by Dr Mürüde Çakartaş Dağdelen. Mrs Samar has been a resident of this beautiful island for the past 10 years and she understands your need to find a friendly face on a foreign land when you are here for your treatment.She also listens to your concerns and is here to walk you through this journey before ,during and after.”

Doktora Sor