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Hello, I am experiencing one of the most beautiful excitements of my life these days, so I wanted to write a few sentences for you. After 5 IVF trials, my wife and I accepted that we would not be able to experience the feeling of "having a child". Afterwards, we had a meeting with my doctor, who recommended you in Cyprus. With the patience, sincerity, devotion and warmth that you and your team have shown from the first day, we have overcome the patient-doctor relationship and established a bond like a family.
Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you. You made me feel happy to be a mother of twins at the age of 40. I have 1.5 months left to hold my daughter and son in my arms and this happiness is yours. your work. The aunts of my twins are Mürüde Hanım, Fahriye Hanım and Hatice Hanım. for everything again thank you so much. Glad our paths crossed