What is sperm donation, why is it done?
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What is sperm donation, why is it done?

What is sperm donation, why is it done?

Sperm is the reproductive cells in the fluid discharged from the male genitals after sexual intercourse or masturbation. If it fertilizes an egg cell, it creates an embryo and pregnancy. When fertilization occurs, the spermatozoa transmits information called chromosomes, which makes up half of the embryo. Each spermatozoon contains 23 chromosomes and they divide in a process called mitosis. The spermatozoa penetrate the egg cell and undergo another process called meiosis. The female egg and the sperm of the male contain 46 chromosomes necessary to form a healthy embryo.

What is sperm donation?

Pregnancy cannot occur if there is no sperm or if sperm does not have the qualities to fertilize an egg cell. In such a case, previously donated healthy sperm may be used. A woman who becomes pregnant by this method called sperm donation has used the sperm of an anonymous man.

Why is sperm donation done?

Many men and women struggle with infertility problems. If the desired result is not achieved despite all efforts and attempts, sperm donation may be an option. The following factors are among the main reasons for sperm donation:

  • Donor sperm is an option for couples with very low sperm counts or a problem that obstructs sperm channels. You may be interested in: What should be the sperm count in men?
  • Donated sperm can also be preferred by single or homosexual women who want to conceive.
  • Some men have hereditary genetic disorders and therefore, donated sperm can be used to avoid transmitting the disorders to their children.
  • A man who has received severe cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and become infertile as a result and his spouse can have a baby with sperm donation.
  • It is an alternative option for couples who have failed many IVF cycles due to sperm.

What are the processes of sperm donation?

Sperm donation can be done through several different methods. The oldest known method involves using a very flexible, small tube to send the sperm into the vaginal tract of the recipient woman. However, it can be difficult for sperm to reach the uterus because sperm is vaginally injected in this method. This method, also known as artificial insemination, should be administered during the most fertile period of the woman. For this, ovulation day can be determined by getting help from ovulation tests.

In another method known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), a number of medications that regulate and support ovulation should be used before sperm is transplanted. This option will be more effective than artificial insemination. The sperm is placed in a thin catheter and placed into the uterus when the egg cells are ready for fertilization.

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The success rate is much higher in the method known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection or microinjection (ICSI), where sperm is injected directly into an egg  The suitability of a number of factors should be checked first as this method may not be suitable for all patients.

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Donor sperm may be used for intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), or in other artificial insemination procedures. In general, fresh sperm and frozen sperm were found to have similar success rates.

What should sperm recipients pay attention to?

Women who conceive through sperm donation will be no different than a normal pregnant woman. Once pregnancy is found to be positive, all pregnant women should be included in the factors they should pay attention to. Eating regularly, going to doctor’s visits, having prenatal tests are some of these.

What are the prices of sperm donation?

The way the sperm donation method is applied will have a direct impact on pricing. In addition, the pricing system of the health center, the extra services received, the medications used may also make the price variable. It is healthier to get a clearer price range after the examinations and meetings.