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Accommodation and transportation

For our patients who will be having IVF treatment and coming to Northern Cyprus, we would like to briefly inform you about your arrival in Cyprus and your accommodation here …

Our patients, if they wish, can benefit from our accommodation package to facilitate your work.
to better focus on the treatment process and avoid the stress of accommodation. If the accommodation package is chosen, we will organize everything for you, from the plane to the hotel and all intermediate transfers.

Of course, you can also organize everything for your stay as you wish without obtaining a package. We can recommend hotels and help you with intermediate transfers.

We just want to note that our accommodation package only includes our patients who come from Turkey. But for our patients coming from abroad outside of Turkey, we can book one of the contracted hotels, in the list below. Again, we provide all transfers between the hotel and the hospital free of charge, as well as transfers between Larnaca Airport and the hotel.

Our aim is for you to focus only on your treatment during your treatment in Cyprus. The first thing that is required of you for the success of your treatment. is to avoid stress and distress and to be positive.

Avantages pour les patients qui décident d’acheter un forfait d’hébergement:

During your treatment period;

  • All round-trip plane tickets for two people between Turkey and Cyprus,
  • Votre hébergement à l’hôtel sous contrat pour deux personnes,
  • Tous les transferts entre l’aéroport de Nicosie Ercan et l’hôtel,
  • All transfers between hotel and hospital,

All transfers between hotel and hospital,

In the event that the package is not chosen;

We can offer you from 3 star hotels to 5 star hotels. If one of these hotels is preferred, we will provide all hotel to hospital transfers free of charge.

D’autre part, des voyages dans une journée peuvent être effectués, mais limités à deux aller-retour pour le traitement.



ALTINKAYA HOTEL: 3 stars – located in Kyrenia / Ozankoy-Cyprus. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)


GRAND HÔTEL ANATOLIEN: 4 stars – located in Kyrenia-Cyprus. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)


LORD’S PALACE HOTEL & CASINO: 5 stars – located in Kyrenia city center. Includes 3 meals. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)


CITY ROYAL HOTEL & CASINO: 3 étoiles – situé dans le centre-ville de Nicosie. Comprend 2 repas. (petit-déjeuner + diner)


OSCAR HOTEL: 4 stars – located in Kyrenia. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)


GRAND PASHA HOTEL & CASINO & SPA: 5 stars – located in Kyrenia city center. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)


PARK PALACE HOTEL: 3 stars – located in Kyrenia. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)

NICOSIA MERIT HOTEL & CASINO: 5 stars – located in downtown Nicosia. Includes 1 meal. (breakfast only)

HÔTEL PIA BELLA & CASINO: 4 stars – located in downtown Kyrenia. Includes 2 meals. (breakfast + dinner)

GOLDEN TULIP HOTEL & CASINO: 5 stars – centrally located in Nicosia. Includes 1 meal. (Breakfast only)


NOTE: Please contact us for detailed information on changing hotel prices. We can book any of these hotels for you.